Wind and sun are counted among the most important renewable energy sources that will be available for the present and the future generations. Apart from the positive aspects for the environment, they have a further, decisive advantage: they are available almost everywhere in the world. Wind and sun are therefore especially useful for autonomous power supply in areas without public grid.

In the past years rapid progress was obtained with the development of photovoltaic systems and large wind tubines and thus they widely have been disseminated. The state of the art of small wind generators however clearly lagged behind the large turbines.

The superwind GmbH recognises the huge energy resources and significantly wants to improve the use of wind energy in the small power range. For the product development it makes use of its know-how and experience, develops innovative concepts and makes a substantial contribution for the state of the art. The result are small wind generators, which are suitable for professional applications without compromise and which represent an equal and economic alternative and addition to photovoltaic systems.

Apart from the various types of small wind turbine applications, like sailing yachts or telecommunications, rural electrification plays a key role for the superwind GmbH. Today one third of the world population is still living without access to electricity. A task, which only can be solved by decentralized systems and the use of renewable energy sources. The superwind GmbH is participating in the solution of this task with their technology.